Christmas Kindness Abounds at Pacelli!!

Fifth and Sixth grade students at Cardinal Pacelli School, in Mt. Lookout, are currently “wrapping up” their kindness this week as they complete the annual Christmas Kindness Project. Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor from Our Lord Christ the King Church of $10 for every fifth and sixth grader, some amazing things have been happening as these students participate in charitable acts this holiday season. Places such as Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Our Sisters of the Poor, the VA hospital, and other local organizations have benefitted from the students hard work and generosity.

Pacelli Girl Scouts Raise $700 for Families for Families

Girl Scout troops of all grades at Cardinal Pacelli participated in the annual Gingerbread House contest and bake sale. Through the sale of baked goods and the auctioning of the houses $700 was raised for Families for Families – a YMCA shelter for victims of domestic violence.

Nearly all Girl Scout families in the entire school participate in the bake sale making individual treats up to whole pies and cakes. All in all, 6 troops made 17 gingerbread displays – from traditional houses with different themes to castles, ice caves and the Cincinnati Zoo.

28 Participate in Mission Trip

28 Cardinal Pacelli junior high students along with five chaperones chose to participate in a mission trip on December 2-4, 2012. The mission trip kicked off at the 5:00 pm parish Sunday Mass, at which Fr. Smith blessed and sent forth the Mission Participants. The participants resided at the Tau House, a former convent in St. Bernard.

While there the students lived simply and worked together preparing their own meals and keeping house, in addition to spending an entire day serving others at various work sites.

One group of students prepared over 700 sandwiches which they served thorough a sandwich window to those in need at Mercy/Franciscan at St. John. Others worked on a landscaping project for Cincinnati Housing Partners, an organization that enables low-income families to be homeowners. Work was also accomplished at New Life Furniture, Visions Daycare Center, and the Rose Garden Mission.

Upon completing work serving food and preparing bags of needed supplies for women and children at the Rose Garden Mission, one student remarked, “I’m speechless.” Dani Habegger said of the service, “I encountered Christ in every person I met today. Everyone was so thankful and kind with love.”

The students were also given the opportunity to have dinner with the Franciscan sisters, tour their convent, and listen to a speaker from the coalition for the homeless – a gentleman that had spent years walking the streets as a homeless man. At the end of the long day, the students gathered in the Tau House Chapel to pray for those they had met and served. Prayers were offered for “a little boy who was with his grandpa. He looked so helpless,” said Isabella Daley. Prayers were also offered for “an unborn baby and her mother.  The mother was so young and didn’t know what she was going to do when the baby was born,” said Sophie Besl.

All of the participants returned home with a renewed sense of community and gratitude for all they have been given.