Welcome ISSE Students!

We’d like to extend a special welcome to our ISSE students and chaperones visiting us from Peru! We’re very happy to have you!

While visiting Cincinnati, the students will stay with Cardinal Pacelli volunteer host families and will participate in a variety of special outings including a visit to the Newport Aquarium. Prior to their departure, the exchange students will make a cultural presentation to the whole school.

In April, 6th grade Cardinal Pacelli students will be visiting Peru for 3 weeks.

Catholic Schools Week

“Catholic Schools Raise the Standards” is the theme for Catholic Schools Week 2013, the annual celebration of the high quality, faith based education the nation’s Catholic schools provide. The observance is scheduled for January 27 to February 2, 2013. Provided below is the schedule of events throughout the week.

One of The Catholic Inner-City Schools, Prince of Peace, has been designated as our recipient for donations this year. Here is the list of school supplies that we would like each student to bring in during the week of January 27th.

  • Preschool/Pre-K: a pack of tissue paper (for crafts) or stickers
  • Kindergarten: a box of crayons
  • 1st Grade: a box of tissues
  • 2nd Grade: a small pack of glue sticks
  • 3rd Grade: a container of Clorox Wipes
  • 4th Grade: a box of markers
  • 5th Grade: a pack of construction paper
  • 6th Grade: a pair of child scissors
  • 7th Grade and 8th Grade: $2 donation/per kid to purchase recess equipment (Your child may earn this money at home to contribute to the fund).


Sunday, January 27th

  • 10:00 a.m. Mass to kick off Catholic Schools Week
  • Open House 11:00-1:30pm
  • Teachers will be at the open house


Monday, January 28th

PAJAMA DAY: Let’s start the week nice and comfy! Students may wear their pajamas to school.  Please NO slippers.

Tuesday, January 29th

Tacky Tuesday DAY: Show your crazy side by wearing fun, appropriate mismatch clothing and accessories!

  • Mass at the cathedral downtown, 9:45 am. Our school will be represented by the following selected students from the 8th grade: Ben Brady, Peter Fisher, Maggie Niesen and Diz Gerwin
  • COSI Day for grades K-5th “The Incredible Human Machine.”

Wednesday, January 30th

SPIRITWEAR DAY: Students may wear spiritwear. Please follow the spiritwear dress code (jeans and khakis only).

  • All School Mass at 8:15am
    • The following educators will be recognized at this Mass for their years of service to Catholic Schools (certificates are given to those celebrating an increment of 5 year anniversary)
      • 5 years-Laura Case, 10 years-Janie Howe, 15 years Rob Hacker, 20 years – Emily Daley, 25 years – Paula Knight, 30 years – Annie Shoup
  • Student Appreciation Day!
    • Skyline Lunch

**This lunch will be provided and paid by PTO!

Please look for the order form on the Pacelli    Post.  All orders MUST be placed online.

  • No homework
  • Every hour a student from each homeroom will be picked to receive a spiritwear pass.


  • Special Performance at 1:15pm in the gym
    • Tom Sparough will present his performance God’s Upward Calling during Catholic Schools Week. Tom is a juggler and a storyteller and uses these skills to share messages about our faith. Did you know that the patron saint of youth, John Bosco, was a juggler? Tom tries to follow in St. Bosco’s footsteps. Expect to see lots of fun and amazing things during the show, but remember to pay close attention to the important messages, as well.

Thursday, January 31st

COLOR DAY: Dress up in your favorite color.Your child may be out of uniform.

  • Teachers switch classrooms for a 20 minute period!
    • The teachers will switch with their buddy class teacher for 20 minutes.  (Pre-K-5th, Kindergarten-4th, 1st-8th, 2nd– 6th, 3rd-7th)During this time the teachers will do a fun activity with their buddy class.
  • Teacher Appreciation Day!


Friday, February 1st

FAVORITE SCHOOL/TEAM DAY: Who is your favorite team?!  Support your team by wearing your favorite school or team sweatshirt/t-shirt/jersey.Your child may be out of uniform.

  • All School Rosary at 8:45 am in the gym
  • 8th grade vs. 8th grade volleyball game at 1:15 pm in the gym