Videos From Anti-Bullying Presentation

On March 19th K- 4th graders attended a program titled “We Will ROAR” to learn about maintaining a safe and caring learning environment, providing tools to prevent bullying. Provided below are some brief videos from the program and pictures of this great presentation.

Beginning the presentation with prayer:

What Jesus Teaches Us:

More of What Jesus Teaches Us:

Hoops for Hunger

This past weekend was the 3rd annual Hoops 4 Hunger 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament. Our 7th and 8th graders competed in teams of four for the chance to beat the teachers and win the coveted Hoops4Hunger Champion trophy and bragging rights for an entire year! CONGRATS TO OUR TEACHERS who won the tournament!!

This event raised approximately $2500 for Matthew 25 Ministries! Thanks again all our generous sponsors!

Gold level:

Mt. Washington Savings Bank, Gorilla Glue, John Morrell, Gilligan Oil Company, Total Quality Logistics, The Francy Family

Silver level:

Rudler & Associates, Beacon Orthopedics, Outdoor Environments, Inc., The Bulla Family, The Lutomski Family

Bronze level:

The Haught Family, The Dingeldein Family, The Jordan Family

Habemus Papam! We have a Pope!

On Wednesday, March 13, 2013 white smoke rose from the roof of the Sistine Chapel in Rome indicating the news the world was waiting for, “Habemus Papem!” the Latin version of “We have a Pope!”

Argentinian Jesuit Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was elected by the 115 Cardinals gathered to elect the Pope. He has taken the name Francis or Francisco.

For additional articles from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, The Catholic Telegraph, and The Catholic Beat visit the following links:

Archdiocese of Cincinnati:

The Catholic Telegraph

The Catholic Beat

Drop Inn Center

Student Planning Reaps Rewards for the Homeless

Cardinal Pacelli Students tackled a project to serve over 700 dinners at the Drop Inn Center in Over-the-Rhine.  Mrs. Emily Daley, Coordinator of Religious Education, met with the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students during their religion class to request their help in planning and serving a dinner at the Drop Inn Center.  Students were broken into groups and given a list of all of the ingredients that would be need to be purchased to supply the meal.  Calculations were made and a shopping list was created.  After figuring the estimated cost to serve the meals, students brainstormed ways to raise the needed funds.  A vote was taken, and the students excitedly began the “Penny War.”  A good spirited competition ensued for one week raising nearly $700 for the Drop Inn Center.  Students discovered that positive things come when we spread the good news; for an anonymous foundation offered to match the funds that the students raised!  Now, with money in hand, a shopping committee (to pick up the food items from SAMS Club), baking committee (to bake hundreds of desserts), and serving committee (to work the food service line at the Drop Inn Center) was formed.

The Serving Committee was given the opportunity to tour the facility before serving the meal.  They learned about the needs of the shelter and came back with impressions of the agency and the people they met.  “I wasn’t sure what to expect once we got to the Drop Inn Center, but it certainly was not what I expected.” (Anna Waterkotte, 8th grader) “All of the people were very thankful for everything we were doing” (Megan Robison, 8th grader). “I learned that those who came to receive dinner were nice and polite.” (Dani Habegger, 8th grader)  “There were a lot more people at the Center than I thought there would be,” (Evan Garner, 8th grader) and “many were homeless Vets.” (Jacob Pauly, 8th grader) During the meal, some people asked for hot sauce.  The students wished they had known it was needed at the shelter.  “We’ll be sure to bring some next time and restock their pantry.”

Seeing a service project through from start to finish is a rare opportunity for our youth, but one the Cardinal Pacelli Students were proud to take part in.