Magazine Sale Goes for Gold August 25-September 30!

Pacelli Olympians are going for the gold! Our annual Magazine Sale kicked off Thursday, August 25 and runs through September 30. Let your family, friends and neighbors know they can purchase new subscriptions or renew current ones. Magazines can also be given as gifts and donated to the Troops overseas.

Exciting prizes and new incentives await – and all in support of PTO programming! Did you know that 51% of the PTO’s annual budgeted income comes from the Magazine Sale? It’s that important! For more details, check out this year’s Parent Reference Guide. Let the gold medal sales begin!

Jim Bisenius Presents Bully-Proofing Youth Programs September 12

On Monday, September 12, 2016, expert Jim Bisenius will present his acclaimed “Bully-Proofing Youth” programs to Cardinal Pacelli students, faculty, parents, our parish and greater community.

During the school day, students will learn how to identify bullies and the ways they target others through isolation, exclusion and manipulation. Jim’s program demonstrates step-by-step ways for kids to take their power back from bullies.

Faculty will attend a separate training session, where Jim will present specific, proven techniques teachers can use to identify bullying behaviors, intervene in bullying situations, re-map classrooms to reduce bullying opportunities, and facilitate parent involvement.

Parents, guests and our parish community are invited to join the evening workshop at 7:00 p.m., where Jim will cover exactly how to teach a child to respond to verbal, physical and social bullying. Parents will walk away with concrete tools they can immediately implement to help their children eliminate bullying from their lives, and also learn techniques to deal with controlling or intimidating adults.

Please join us on Monday, September 12 at 7:00 p.m. in the school gym for this important, empowering event!

For more information, visit

Fr. Ed celebrates 34 years

JF2 Congratulation to Fr. Ed Smith on the 34th anniversary of his ordination on Saturday, August 6th. We thank him for his many years of generous and faithful service to the people of God. We are so blessed that he is here at Christ the King. We value his leadership and commitment to service and ministry.  Fr. Ed ordination



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