Anniversary Mass 2017

Recently those couples celebrating a special anniversary in 2017 (married 25 years and every 5 years on up) were honored at the 10 a.m. Mass.
We congratulate Stephanie & Paul Bruemmer, Michele and Andy Daniher, Mike & Terri Haught, Kristen & Bob McAuliffe (25 years); Tina & Scott Kroencke (30 years); Judy & Jim Burke (40 years); Linda & Marke Krumme (45 years); Phyllis & Phil Breen, Elizabeth & Jim Dodd, JoAnn & Jerry Luttenegger (50 years) and Wanda & Roger Bien, Karen & Bill Scrhrepferman (55 years).
We have 50 couples celebrating special anniversaries and we’re sorry everyone couldn’t attend. May they all be blessed with many loving years ahead!

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