Because the church subsidizes the cost of tuition, it is expected that school families contribute a certain amount to Sunday collections. Please read the letter below which explains giving guidelines.

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Tuition Assistance New Requirements for 2017

Application deadline 1/31/2017

The Archdioscese of Cincinnati, through the One Faith, One Hope, One Love campaign has created a tuition assistance fund for students within the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.  You can read about this program here.

In order to apply for Tuition Assistance from Cardinal Pacelli’s Education Fund, you are required to  apply for the Archdiocese Financial Aid.

Both financial aid programs begin with a single application through FACTS which can be found here.

If you are an Active Parishioner (as described below) you will be considered for both grants, non-parishioners will only be considered for the Archdiocese grant.   

What is an ‘Active Parishioner’?

Dear Cardinal Pacelli Parent,

Welcome to the 2017-2018 academic year! Through the generosity of many people, Our Lord Christ the King Parish is able to offer a superlative Catholic education to the young people of our community. Cardinal Pacelli is one of the great assets of our marvelous parish, and being a full and active participant in the parish’s life is crucial for the parents of our school children.

And so, it is good to define what an ‘Active Parishioner’ at Our Lord Christ the King means, especially for parents who are helped significantly by the parish in terms of tuition for their child’s education.

First of all, in order to receive the ‘In Parish’ tuition rate, you must truly be an ‘Active Parishioner’. What exactly does this mean?

An Active Parishioner attends Mass regularly at Our Lord Christ the King Church and actively supports the sacramental programs for Penance, Eucharist, and Confirmation. Parents who want a Catholic education for their children will see to it that their family attends Mass faithfully every Sunday.

Please pray and consider – Am I interested in a Catholic education or simply subsidized private education?

An Active Parishioner gives of themselves by donating time or talent to support the ministries of the parish and/or volunteer organizations that support the school. In the liturgy we say ‘Thanks be to God’. The priest continues with “We do well always and everywhere to give You thanks”. Giving thanks is what worship is all about. As Catholics, we are expected to give thanks through our words and our actions. Giving thanks through our actions is intended to be a more intense expression of acknowledgment, a more emphatic way of saying that we are aware of having received and that we want to express that awareness by giving in return.

Please pray and consider – Am I giving thanks fully and graciously through my actions?

Lastly, an Active Parishioner is a good financial steward of the Church. As a school family and a parishioner, it is important to understand that tuition only covers about 65% of the cost to educate your child. Giving financially to support the parish is a vital and key component of Active Parishioner status. We suggest our school families give at least $1,000 per calendar year.

Please pray and consider –Am I generous financial steward of our parish?

No child at Cardinal Pacelli School will be denied a Catholic Education based solely on financial need. If economic hardship prevents you from meeting your financial obligations as an active parishioner, please speak with me.

Thank you for becoming a part of our School Family.

Fr. Ed Smith, Pastor