Science Fair

For the past three years, Roger Bacon has invited local 7-8th graders to compete in their Science Fair.  Students are put through the same rigors as the high school participants with a chance to win $1000 to the school of their choice.  If students receive a high enough score, their project can also move onto the Regional and State competitions.

This year, we had two projects submitted, one on electromagnets (Dylan C. and Keilah C.) and the other on rockets (Mack G. and Andrew M.).  Dylan and Keilah’s project earned 2nd place!  Each team was able to see the scientific process in action.  Great job to both teams!

National Geographic Bee


On January 10, 2018 students in grades 4-8 gathered in the gym for Cardinal Pacelli School’s inaugural National Geographic Bee. Led by teachers Megan Peterson and Patrick Cosgrove, eight student finalists answered a variety of questions about world geography. “It opens the world for our students as they think outside their own geographic area,” said Mrs. Cento.

It was a learning experience for all the students involved. The questions went beyond simple facts, prompting students to connect their prior knowledge with the study of geography. One question asked about the origin of the color indigo. Another asked about the locations of lakes formed by glaciers. The winner was eighth grader Braden S.

Cardinal Pacelli National Geographic Bee winner, Braden S, pictured with Principal, Terri Cento.

Open House – January 28th


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Get Your Jingle On


The last 10 days of school before Christmas break have been filled with events for the students. Our “Get Your Jingle On” has been a lot of fun! Throughout the 10 days, students were treated to a special event each day. At the end of every day, we had a drawing of names for prizes. Trying to have fun and embrace the holiday spirit while still in school learning really worked.

Eugenio Pacelli Awards for Trimester 1


Congratulations to these students for receiving the Eugenio Pacelli Award for the first trimester. The award is given to students who exemplify the following qualities: leader, peace maker, role model, respectful, positive, participative, supportive, understanding, encouraging, dedicated, and courageous. Each of these characteristics describes the man our school is dedicated to — Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli.

Trimester 1


The Lion King Performance


On December 7th, Cardinal Pacelli’s Drama Club treated us to a wonderful performance of The Lion King. The acting, singing, and costumes were fabulous! These students really are a talented group. It was a great success and enjoyed by all!


Celebrate the Season


The Children’s Theater visited Cardinal Pacelli on December 6th. The students were entertained by the performance, “Celebrate the Season”.




Veterans Day Celebration


On November 10th, Cardinal Pacelli students honored over 35 Veterans at an all school assembly.  Our students, led by our Student Council Co-Presidents, shared personal narratives, letters, songs and poems in honor of all who have served our country.  The Veterans present, detailed their branch of military as well as years and location of service.  The assembly was a wonderful tribute and display of gratitude for all Veterans!

Annual Fall Open House


The Annual Fall Open House is Friday, November 10th from 9:30 – 11:30 AM

Help spread the word about our wonderful school!

Digital Portfolios for Art Students


Our new Art teacher, Ms. Jayde Rogenski, has linked us to Artsonia. What is Artsonia? It is the largest student art museum in the world! Every child can have an online art gallery and keep their masterpieces in a digital portfolio! This on-line web gallery has been opened by Ms. Rogenski displaying the work of our students created in Art class.

It will also raise money for the art room when families order things from the gift shop with their kids’ artwork printed on it. For your viewing, please go to Artsonia for a full view of what this gallery has to offer!

Below are a few samples of the projects created:

Fourth graders studied Radial Symmetry and used the concept to create flower patterns. They used analogous color schemes based on the color wheel to paint their flowers.


Sixth graders learned the grid method and rendered their own Superhero!