Digital Portfolios for Art Students


Our new Art teacher, Ms. Jayde Rogenski, has linked us to Artsonia. What is Artsonia? It is the largest student art museum in the world! Every child can have an online art gallery and keep their masterpieces in a digital portfolio! This on-line web gallery has been opened by Ms. Rogenski displaying the work of our students created in Art class.

It will also raise money for the art room when families order things from the gift shop with their kids’ artwork printed on it. For your viewing, please go to Artsonia for a full view of what this gallery has to offer!

Below are a few samples of the projects created:

Fourth graders studied Radial Symmetry and used the concept to create flower patterns. They used analogous color schemes based on the color wheel to paint their flowers.


Sixth graders learned the grid method and rendered their own Superhero!


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