Monsignor Edward Quinn Scholarship Winners Announced

Cardinal Pacelli School announced the recipients of its 2015 Monsignor Edward Quinn Scholarship Award. Five sixth grade students were selected. The scholarship award is in memory of Father Edward Quinn who founded Our Lord Christ the King Parish almost 90 years ago and oversaw the construction of the Parish school. “Many of our older parishioners recall Father Quinn’s strong belief in the importance of a Catholic Education”, said Father Edward Smith. “We wanted to be able to assist our families whose children excel in academics, service and character. We know the cost of a catholic education is becoming more of a concern for families as well as our Parish. It is in his memory that these scholarships are dedicated.”

All sixth grade students at Cardinal Pacelli School were required to take a multiple choice exam that included all core subject areas and submit a typed essay applying basic Christian principles to life situations. In addition, community service performed, classroom and school records were also reviewed in the evaluation. The students were assigned an identification number to assist in the confidentiality of the grading. “We wanted the identity of the students to remain anonymous”, said Kim Roy, principal at Cardinal Pacelli School. After the testing was completed and the scores calculated, the scholarship winners were awarded to the top five highest performers.

“While all of the students deserve to be rewarded for their efforts, the students who were awarded the scholarship are exceptionally hard workers and produced amazing work. The recipients of the scholarship exemplified what we hope for all Cardinal Pacelli students”, said Mandy Kirk, sixth grade English teacher.

Congratulations to the winners:

Ben Habel – Full Two Year Scholarship Winner
Lily Clare Hines – Partial Two Year Scholarship Winner
Nicholas Pauly – Partial Two Year Scholarship Winner
Ali Acevedo Rodriguez – Partial Two Year Scholarship Winner
Katie Sumerel – Partial Two Year Scholarship Winner


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