Summer Assignments

Students who are currently in grades K-7 will be required to complete math and reading assignments over the summer. These assignments are being given so that when students return there will be less time spent reviewing past material. The teachers of the grade they are entering will give summer assignments to the students. Assignments will be given through the Summer Solutions Workbooks, available online and at Joseph Beth Booksellers. Current Kindergarteners will use Summer Solutions for both Math and Language Arts assignments. All other grades will receive Language Arts assignment in a letter that will be sent home this Wednesday, May 8th, from the teacher of the grade they will be entering. Please keep a look out for these letters. The information will also be on teacher’s websites.

CLICK HERE for instructions about how to place your order online or for more information about other workbooks available in Summer Solutions series.

Current 7th graders: Algebra 1A

Current 6th graders: Intermediate B

Current 5th graders: Level 5 Mathematics

Current 4th graders: Level 4 Mathematics

Current 3rd graders: Level 3 Mathematics

Current 2nd graders: Level 2 Mathematics

Current 1st graders: Level 1 Mathematics

Current Kindergarten students: Level K Math and English Language Arts books

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