At Cardinal Pacelli, technology is integrated into instruction, using online texts apple iosand assessments, and Smartboards in all classrooms. The computer lab contains 30 touch screen laptops available to all classes.

We are one of the only schools in the area that teach students on all three commonly used platforms: Apple iOS, Google, and Windows. Grades K – 4 use Ipads in the classroom. Grades 5 – 6 are equipped with 1:1 ChromeBooks to use during computer class, as well as in the classroom. Grades 7 and 8 are engaged in a 1:1 tablet program using Windows and Office365 while learning OneNote to prepare them for high school. There are mobile classroom carts google_chromeof iPads, and chromebooks that are available for any grade to use.

The entire campus has gigabyte wireless access.

The faculty is engaged in ongoing professional development to enhance the use of technology in their classrooms. Cardinal Pacelli uses RenWeb as our Student Information System, which provides up-to-date information for faculty and a parent portal for access to grades, homework assignments, and contact

As further evidence of our commitment to technology, students in grades K-6 receive weekly instruction in the Computer Lab from a dedicated computer teacher on foundation subjects such as keyboarding, Microsoft Office, Google Apps, efficient web search strategies, online safety and more. The instructor also works on collaborative projects with classroom teachers in order to further enhance the use of technology within the classroom.

All of this is supported by a Director of Technology who is a full time employee dedicated to enhancing and supporting the infrastructureIMG_0212 and development of our program.