Therese Martin
Hilary Arles

Lay readers serve the Church by volunteering to proclaim the Word of God at all the liturgies. The Catholic Church confidently teaches that Christ himself is truly present in the Word proclaimed and that He speaks to His people through the reading of Scripture.  When we hear Our Lord’s word and receive it in our hearts, we may be drawn into dialogue with Him. Nourished by His sacred word, we learn to live the mystery of redemption and salvation by becoming Christ’s living witnesses before the world.

Purpose:  Bring the power of the word of God and love of scriptures to the congregation.

  • Responsibilities:  Read, practice and prepare for your oral reading(s).  Be able to correctly pronounce difficult words.  Read in a deliberate, slow and clear voice so that the words on the page come alive for those listening.
  • Helpful Attributes:  Enjoy public speaking; have a pleasant voice that projects well.
  • Time Commitment:  Must arrive 30 minutes prior to Mass, plus preparation time.
  • Training Required:  Provided by Diocese and Ministry
  • Meetings:  Periodically, as announced
  • Fingerprinting Required:  Yes