Decree on Child Protection

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati Decree on Child Protection requires all employees and adult volunteers over 18 who work with children to complete a background check, attend the SafeParish™ training and keep current on all SafeParish™ training updates. You must pre-register to attend SafeParish™ training at You may contact Cardinal Pacelli School coordinator at or contact the school office at 321-1048 for additional information on SafeParish™. Additional information regarding the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Safe Environment program can be found at

You must be compliant to enter the school to volunteer, have lunch with your student, help in the classroom, cafeteria, playground, etc. Compliance means the individual has attended the SafeParish™ registration as well as remain current on training updates and complete the background check.

Although child abuse is a reality in our society, such abuse, whether mental, physical, or sexual, whether inflicted by lay persons or clerics, professionals or volunteers, cannot be tolerated in the Church. The purpose of the Decree is two-fold: to prevent the abuse of children and adolescents, and to provide a pastoral response to incidents of abuse after they occur. Parents who have not taken the class, completed the background check or remain current with SafeParish™ training bulletins, will not be able to work in the classrooms, go on field trips or have lunch with their child in our cafeteria.

Reporting Misconduct

If you or someone you know has been abused at any time by an agent of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati (priest, deacon, employee or volunteer), the Archdiocese urges you to report the abuse to the Archdiocese Report Misconduct Page as well as to the secular legal authorities.

Commitment to Creating and Maintaining a Safe Environment

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati is committed to creating and maintaining a safe environment. Read more on the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Restoring Trust Page.