Because our school is on a hill, we have a unique traffic flow. Driving across the parking lot during school hours can create a traffic hazard and the potential for serious accidents. Cars dropping off students in our Early Learning Program will be permitted to drive up the “out” onto the campus to drop off their children at the Parish Center doors for Pre-Kindergarten students and the Early Learning doors for Pre-School students at 7:50 AM. Teachers will be there to greet you and take your children safely inside.


  • Buses will enter up the hill and drop off students at the side entrance of the school by the Pacelli Playfield (south end).
  • Cars must drop students (K-8) off on Ellison Avenue at the bottom of the hill.

Crossing guards and a school staff member will facilitate the safe arrival of students. Children are to enter and leave cars on the curb side only. Students will enter the school building using the side door entrance and go directly to their homerooms.


  • Dismissal for Early Learners (Pre-Schoolers & Pre-Kindergarteners) is at 11:30 AM.
    • Dismissal for Early Learners (Pre-S & Pre-K) with full day extension is 2:30 PM.
    • Dismissal for students K-8 is 2:30 PM.
    • Dismissal for all bus riders and car riders begins at 2:30 PM (being picked up in the car line in the back of school only).
    • Parents who pick their children up by car, should arrive no later than 2:25 PM.
    • Walkers are dismissed after car riders and bus riders have departed. No student will be permitted to dismiss to the street level until all vehicles have left the area.

Parents must exercise extreme caution on Ellison Avenue and Nash Avenue during dismissal:

  • Respect the property and driveways of residents on Ellison and Nash Avenues
  • Respect the no parking signs
  • Respect a safe distance from the stop signs at Ellison and Nash Aves.
  • Observe state laws and allow buses the right of way
  • Be alert to the crossing guards at the crosswalks
  • Drive carefully to avoid accidents during dismissal.

After School

Students are expected to:

  • Leave school grounds promptly;
  • Obey all safety rules; and
  • Know that the school is not responsible for students left unsupervised after dismissal.

Students staying after school, must be at the direction of a Staff/Faculty member and arrangements must be in place for student pick-up upon a later dismissal from the school grounds. Parent and guardian cooperation are needed to build good safety habits. Please remind your child to follow these regulations.


  • Use the sidewalks when walking to or from school.
  • Cross only at intersections, look carefully and obey all traffic signals.
  • Refuse to go near or enter a stranger’s car.
  • Go directly home by the same route every day; and
  • Obey the crossing guard’s directions.


Students who ride bicycles to school must:

  • Walk their bicycle on school grounds and on the 900 block of Ellison Avenue
  • During school hours bicycles must remain locked to the bicycles racks on the Pacelli playfield.


  • Students must remain seated to keep aisles and exits clear.
  • Students must observe classroom conduct, talk quietly, and obey the driver promptly and respectfully.
  • Students may not eat or drink on the bus and can carry on the bus only those objects which can be held in their laps.
  • Students may not put head or arms out of the bus windows or throw objects on, from, or at the bus.

Mt. Lookout Square

After dismissal, some students typically go to Mt. Lookout Square, especially on Fridays.  This is after school hours and off our premises so we cannot be responsible for what happens to your children in the Square.  That does not mean we do not care, nor that we do not regularly receive calls, complaints and concerns about this from the public and the businesses in the Square.  We know that students from other schools are in the Square, but we see many Pacelli uniforms in the crowd.  The last thing anyone wants is for one of our children to be hurt, or be inconsiderate to our neighbors and local businesses.  We encourage you as parents to seriously think about whether your child is mature enough to be on the Square unsupervised during rush hour traffic.  We think it is better that your child be alive and well than cool and hit by a vehicle.  We randomly visit the Square and will not hesitate to call out unsafe or inappropriate behavior when we see it, but we will not be there every Friday and we need your help.  Talk to your kids about appropriate behavior on the Square.  If they are not mature enough to go to the Square, don’t let them.  If you see things in the Square that make you uncomfortable and you know the children who are involved, speak up.  Talk to the children directly, talk to their parents or talk to us.