Students in grades K-3 are introduced to communities, citizenship, a variety of cultures, map skills, special calendar events, recognition of our Earth’s resources, an understanding of basic economic skills and government.  

Fourth graders study the geographic regions of the United States, learning about the geography, land, and resources. They also focus on the state of Ohio, concentrating on geography, history, government, and the economy.

In fifth grade, students study the geography of Canada, Central America, and South America.  They learn about the early history of the United States, beginning with the Land Bridge theory and the earliest American cultures and continue through the American Revolution.

The sixth grade curriculum focuses on the growth and patterns of civilization through prehistoric and modern World History and geography.  

In Seventh Grade, students focus on American History beginning with the Constitution and ending with Reconstruction.  

Eighth Graders continue the study of American History, picking up in the Post-Civil War Era through Present-Day concepts, and the Constitution.  This includes an in-depth focus on the growth of industry, World Wars, Economic Systems and Modern Europe.   They are also introduced to the election process, the stock market and our legal system.