Student Services are funded through auxiliary dollars from the state of Ohio and the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarships. These services provide our school with an Intervention Specialist, Speech and Language Pathologist, School Psychologist, School Nurse, Title 1 Reading, Math Enrichment, and Auxiliary Clerk.  Small groups of students meet for support, enrichment, and reinforcement of classroom curriculum.  Participation in these programs is based upon student need, specialist assessment, and classroom teacher recommendation.

Auxiliary Services

  • INTERVENTION SPECIALIST – A school intervention specialist provided by the Cincinnati Public Schools works with our students 2 days per week.  The Intervention Specialist is a licensed teacher who is trained to provide direct specialized instruction to identified students.  Their primary task is to carry out the goals and objectives of the Individualized Services Plan and School Accommodation Plans and provide student interventions both in and out of the classroom.  Services may be provided individually or in small groups.
  • SPEECH & LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST – A speech/language pathologist provided by Cincinnati Public auxiliary services serves the needs of students one day a week. Students having difficulties in articulation, language, voice, hearing, and auditory processing are serviced.
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES – A school psychologist provided by the Cincinnati Public Schools is at Cardinal Pacelli School for 2 days each week.  The psychologist consults with teachers about students with learning difficulties, develops helpful compensation plans, and conducts diagnostic evaluations. 
  • SCHOOL NURSE – A school nurse from the Cincinnati Public Schools auxiliary services is here five days per week.  Her responsibilities include updating immunization records, screening students for hearing and vision, tending to sick and injured students, administering medication, discussing specific medical needs, answering medical concerns from parents/guardians, and write Individual Care Plans for students with significant medical concerns and distribute to appropriate staff.
  • Title 1 Reading – Title I is a federally-funded support program. The goal of Title I Reading is to provide extra reading help and instruction for struggling readers. Title I instruction is specialized reading instruction that is provided through Auxiliary Services 0.5 days per week.
  • Math Enrichment – This program focuses on students in Grades 1 – 5. It is a supplementary educational program designed to enhance students’ academic experience and challenge them mathematically. Once per week a selected small group of students meet with the Math Enrichment Teacher and work on developing better critically thinking skills and go beyond what is taught in the classroom. It is not a replacement for the core curriculum, but rather an addition to it.
  • AUXILIARY CLERK – 1.5 days per week a clerk provided through auxiliary services works in the school.  The clerk facilitates ordering of classroom supplies within compliance of entitlement fund regulations. 

OptimALL Services

  • JON PETERSON SPECIAL NEEDS SCHOLARSHIP– multiple personnel from OptimALL Services are provided to our school for any student who has an IEP (Individualized Education Plan). After diagnostic evaluations are completed and it is determined that the student needs an IEP (Individualized Education Plan), funding for this service from OptimALL comes from the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship (JPSNS). All students with IEP’s will be served by OptimALL. OptimALL Services provide the students at Cardinal Pacelli School with IEP’s resource personnel which includes a full-time Intervention Specialist, part-time Speech and Language Pathologist, Paraprofessionals, and Tutors.