Physical Education is taken by grades K through 8th grade. All grades participate in P.E. twice a week.  Grades 3 through 8 are required to dress in gym clothes for class.  The
P.E. curriculum seeks to develop students’ knowledge, skills, behaviors and dispositions to demonstrate physical literacy and engage in a lifetime of physical activity. Baseball, basketball, volleyball, hockey, lacrosse, football, and soccer among others are the sports covered in class.  We seek to give the students the knowledge of the sport and then apply it in a game situation.

Physical fitness stations, obstacle courses and other fun games are included in the curriculum throughout the school year. Physical Education class stresses participation, teamwork, and sportsmanship.


  • Shirt: Orange with “Cardinal Pacelli” in block letters
  • Shorts: Navy blue with Pacelli on the left leg

Basic health concepts and physical well being are taught and reinforced in each grade.  Family life is learned through the religion curriculum.