Students in grades K-3 are introduced to communities, citizenship, a variety of cultures, map skills, special calendar events, recognition of our Earth’s resources, an understanding of basic economic skills and government.  

Fourth graders study the geographic regions of the United States, learning about the geography, land, and resources. They also focus on the state of Ohio, concentrating on geography, history, government, and the economy.

In fifth grade, students study the Western Hemisphere (North and South America), its geographic features, early history, cultural development and economic change. Students learn about the early inhabitants of the Americas including early missionaries and explorers, and the impact of European exploration and colonization. The geographic focus includes the study of contemporary regional characteristics, the movement of people, products and ideas, and cultural diversity. Students develop their understanding of the relationship between markets and available resources.

The sixth grade curriculum focuses on the growth and patterns of civilization through prehistoric and modern World History and geography.  

In Seventh Grade, students focus on World History from Ancient Greece through the discovery of the Americas.  

Eighth Graders study US history from the beginnings through the Civil War and Reconstruction.